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My relationship with Ana

Автор: Mia, 02 October 2013 · 65,085 просмотров

ana relationship thinspo

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I've seen this girl named Ana

She's pretty thin and tall

She has the smallest frame I've ever seen

And not one single flaw

I met this girl named Ana

She introduced herself today

She seems so very nice and kind

She says she wants to stay

I know this girl named Ana

She's so perfect and it's true

I'm so fat compared to her

But she'll make me skinny too

I'm friends with this girl named Ana

I've started eating less

Hating the person in the mirror

My life's becoming a mess

My best friend is this girl named Ana

I want her to always stay

All my other friends have left

But she will never stray

The only one I listen to is Ana

She's so smart and full of advice

I'm starting to get smaller

My health is the only sacrifice

I'm scared of this girl named Ana

She makes my life a living hell

Someone please hear my silent screams

Cause she won't let me tell

My worst enemy is this girl named Ana

She's a demon in my head

She seems so very nice at first

But I was so mislead

I'm prisoner to this girl named Ana

I'm captive to her will

I can't help but do what she says

How can I be so fat still

My murderer is this girl named Ana

She starved me to my grave

My heart finally stopped beating

I just couldn't continue being brave

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